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Hair Experts is Pakistan’s No.1 best FUE Hair Transplant Surgery clinic. We perform all types of surgical and non-surgical hair transplants.

Procedures & Services

Surgical Hair Transplant

Get Rid of Your Baldness by this Hair Transplant Technique, Surgical hair transplant is the best option for those who do not wish merely to conceal the aesthetic effects of alopecia.


Non-Surgical Procedures

Hair replacement system is the non-surgical hair loss solution option. Hair replacements are safe alternatives to hair transplants, micro-grafts surgical hair restoration,


Hair Loss Management

There are many reasons for hair loss. From diet and stress to the more predominant genetic disorder, hair loss affects nearly 80 million people around the globe.



FUE vs FUT is one that we get frequently. Unfortunately the FUE is touted as a new method but the doctors doing it do not tell you the complete truth or the extreme


Our surgeons have a combined experience of over 20 years in the field of FUE hair transplants.

Follicular Unit Extraction FUE

Single day mega-sessions.

Hair Transplant Repair

Revision of a previously unsuccessful hair transplant procedure.

Body Hair Transplant

For patients who lack sufficient scalp donor hair.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation

Non-surgical alternative to conceal prior FUSS/Strip scars.

Recent news

In strip harvesting, doctors take strips of hair-bearing tissue from part of the head and place them elsewhere, while with FUE – follicular unit extraction, doctors take follicular units of one to four hairs instead of entire strips, and transplant…

Some patients are turning to Low-Level Laser Therapy Devices as a non-surgical hair restoration treatment for pattern hair loss. These devices, which feature laser light generated by low-powered cold lasers, include hand-held “comb”, “brush” or “cap” laser-fueled devices marketed for…

It is estimated that 35 million men in the United States are affected by male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia. “Andro” refers to the androgens (testosterone, dihydrotestosterone) necessary to produce male-pattern hair loss (MPHL). “Genetic” refers to the inherited gene…